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Food Consumption in the City: Practices and Patterns in Urban Asia and the Pacific


Food Consumption in the City: Practices and Patterns in Urban Asia and the Pacific. Edited by Marlyne Sahakian, Czarina Saloma, Suren Erkman.

Food consumption patterns and practices are rapidly changing in Asia and the Pacific, and nowhere are these changes more striking than in urban areas. This book brings together scholars from anthropology, sociology, environmental studies, tourism, architecture and development studies to provide a comprehensive examination of food consumption trends in the cities of Asia and the Pacific, including household food consumption, eating out and food waste.

The chapters cover different scales of analysis, from household research to national data, and combine different methodologies and approaches, from quantifiable data that show how much people consume to qualitative findings that reveal how and why consumption takes place in urban settings. Detailed case studies are included from China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea and Vietnam, as well as Hawai'i and Australia. The book makes a timely contribution to current debates on the challenges and opportunities for socially just and environmentally sound food consumption in urbanizing Asia and the Pacific.

Introduction ; Marlyne Sahakian, Czarina Saloma and Suren Erkman
Part 1: Trends across the Region ;
1. Same, Same – but Different: On Increasing Meat Consumption in the Global South ; Hellmuth Lange
2. Grappling with Impacts: Environmental Considerations around Agriculture and Food Waste Treatment in Asian cities ; Megha Shenoy
Part 2: Food Practices and Cultures
3. Emerging Consumerism and Eating Out in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: The Social Embeddedness of Food Sharing ; Judith Ehlert
4. Eating in Vertical Neighborhoods: Food Consumption Practices in Metro Manila Condominiums ; Czarina Saloma and Erik Akpedonu
5. From Beef to Bananas: Consumer Preferences and Local Food Flows in Honolulu, Hawai‘i ; Elizabeth Louis and Kyle Datta
6. The Food Revolution in Melbourne, 1980-2015 ; Warwick Frost and Jennifer Laing
7. The Practices of Indian Vegetarianism in a World of Limited Resources: The Case of Bengaluru ; Rune-Christoffer Dragsdahl
Part 3: Food Waste Dynamics ;
8. Uneaten Food: Emerging Social Practices around Food Waste in Greater Tokyo; Atsushi Watabe, Chen Liu and Magnus Bengtsson
9. From Thrift to Sustainability: The Changing Table Manners of Shanghai’s Food Leftovers ; Dunfu Zhang
10. Food Waste in the Food Service Sector: A Case Study from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ; Effie Papargyropoulou
11. Convenient Food, Inconvenient Waste: Systems of Provision Meet Social Practices in Seoul ; Keith Lee
12. Towards Sustainable Consumption of Rice in a Private School in Metro Manila ; Abigail Marie Favis and Rafael Estanislao


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