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Third ISA Forum of Sociology

The Futures We Want: Global Sociology and the Struggles for a Better World, Vienna, Austria, July 10-14, 2016



XVIII ISA World Congress of Sociology
Facing an Unequal World:
Challenges for Global Sociology
Yokohama, Japan, 2014

The program of RC23 Sociology of Science and Technology at the XVIII World Congress of Sociology at Yokohama was coordinated by Nadia ASHEULOVA (Institute History of Science & Technology, Russia) and Ralph MATTHEWS (The University of British Columbia, Canada).

The RC organized 14 sessions, twelve of which were academic sessions, one a Young Researchers' Forum: New Research Directions in the Study of Science and Technology and Their Impacts was also organized by Ralph MATTHEWS and Czarina SALOMA-AKPEDONU, and one a Business Meeting.

A number of joint sessions with others RCs, however, greatly increased the academic program of RC23 and the 20 sessions show well the wide range of topics and themes discussed at the World Congress.

Please find the Program of RC23

Please find the book of Abstracts


Second ISA Forum of Sociology
Social Justice and Democratization
Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2012

XVII ISA World Congress of Sociology
Sociology on the Move
Gothenburg, Sweden, 2010

First ISA Forum of Sociology
Sociological Research and Public Debate
Barcelona, Spain, 2008


XVI ISA World Congress of Sociology
The Quality of Social Existence in a Globalising World
Durban, South Africa, 2006



XV ISA World Congress of Sociology
The Social World in the Twenty First Century: 
Ambivalent Legacies and Rising Challenges
Brisbane, Austratia, 2002

XIV ISA World Congress of Sociology
Social Knowledge: Heritage, Challenges, Perspectives
Montréal, Canada, 1998

XIII ISA World Congress of Sociology
Contested Boundaries and Shifting Solidarities
Bielefeld, Germany, 1994

XII ISA World Congress of Sociology
Sociology for One World: Unity and Diversity
Madrid, Spain, 1990

XI ISA World Congress of Sociology
Social Change: Problems and Perspectives
New Delhi, India, 1986

X ISA World Congress of Sociology
Sociological Theory and Social Practice
Mexico City, Mexico, 1982

IX ISA World Congress of Sociology
Paths of Social Development
Uppsala, Sweden, 1978

VIII ISA World Congress of Sociology
Science and Revolution in Contemporary Societies
Toronto, Canada, 1974

VII ISA World Congress of Sociology
Contemporary and Future Societies:
Prediction and Social Planning
Varna, Bulgaria, 1970

VI ISA World Congress of Sociology
Unity and Diversity in Sociology:
Sociology of International Relations
Evian, France, 1966

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