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Tuesday, 03 October 2017 12:18

Once again about the Workshop “Using Science Policy to Facilitate Innovation, Excellence and Global Cooperation”




International Sociological Association (ISA), Research Commitee 23 on Sociology of Science and Technology (RC23)

St Petersburg Branch of the Institute for History of Science and Technology (IHST) of the Russian Academy of Sciences












St Petersburg Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences

House of Scientists - Palace of Grand Duke Vladimir









The topic of the interim workshop attracted interest

among international sociological communities.

More than 20 researchers from different regions took part in this event:

Brazil, India, Italy, France, Lithuania, Mexico and Russia.


The workshop, while interested in papers covering the entire spectrum of topics related to science policy, was particularly focused on papers (both theoretical and empirical) dealing with  issues related to the governance of science; the role of science policy in the facilitation of innovation and excellence; the role of science policy in creating and eliminating barriers to global cooperation and the international mobility of scientists; and the implications of neoliberal reforms on academia (both locally and globally), particularly as they relate to new forms of association between industry and academia and the governance of the 'entrepreneurial university'.

The workshop provided opportunities for personal exchanges of scientific results and the strengthening of cooperation among researchers from different parts of the world.

RC23 is extremely pleased to have received a special grant from the International Sociological Association and very grateful to all who has contributed their academic papers to this meeting!


Monday 18th of September 2017

10.0010.30 Opening and Welcome:

Nadia Asheulova, Director of the IHST, St Petersburg Branch, RAS,

President of RC23, ISA (2014-2018)


Jaime Jiménez, President of RC23, ISA (2002-2010)

Liliia Zemnukhova, President of St Petersburg Association of Sociologists


10.0012.00 Session one: Governance in Science and Technology: Research and Innovation


Chair: Sonia K Guimaraes



Jaime Jiménez, Juan C. Escalante, Delfino Vargas, Rodolfo Ramírez, Leonardo Munguía and Brenda H. Molina (Mexico)

National Laboratories: a Strategy for Scientific and Technological Development Geared to Innovation



Leandro Raizer (Brazil)

Society, Innovation and Energy Policy in Brazil




Irina Dezhina (Russia)

Russian Science Policy: External and Internal Challenges for Scientific Community

12.3014.00 Session two: The Future of University Research and the National Innovation Systems

Chair: Jaime Jiménez



Sonia K Guimaraes (Brazil)

Relationship University-Enterprise in Brazil Selected Regions




Duru Arun Kumar (India)

University Research and its Important Driving Forces in India




Egle Butkeviciene and Egle Vaidelyte (Lithuania)

Implementing Ideas of Entrepreneurship in Higher Education

15.00 – 16.00 Session tree: Global Science and National Context

Chair: Leandro Raizer



Aleksey Gordienko (Russia)

The Conceptual Model of Regional Innovative Development according to the Principle of the Brownfield




Anatoly Ablazhey (Russia)

Science in Transit: the Analysis of Post-Soviet Experience


16.30 – 18.00 Session four: Academic Profession and Publication Practices


Chair: Anatoly Ablazhey




Jérôme Pierrel (France)

Journal of Molecular Biology’s growth and Content Analysis



Alexander Rodny (Russia)

Formation of National Models of the Chemist’ Profession

Tuesday 19th of September 2017

10.0014.00 Session five: Academic Career Development in Changing Social Context




Welcome: Alice Abreu, Director of GenderInSITE, Vice President of RC23, ISA

Chair: Alice Abreu



Giuseppe Pellegrini and Barbara Saracino (Italy)

Adolescents and Scientific Careers Interests, Scholastic Experiences and the Opinions of Italian Students




Irina Popova (Russia)

Sustainable Professional Career in Science and Technology: Interdisciplinary Perspective and the Russian Context



Egle Butkeviciene and Egle Vaidelyte (Lithuania)

Academic careers in Lithuania: Recruitment Systems of University Staff and its Regulations



Alice Abreu (Brazil)

More Women Better Science? The Importance of Bringing a Gender Lens to the Production of Science and Technology


14.00 -14.15 Closing remarks: Alice Abreu, Nadia Asheulova







16.00 – 18.00 Excursion in the House of Scientists -


Palace of Grand Duke Vladimir

(Dvortsovaya naberezhnaya, 26, St. Petersburg)


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